Onward to Volume 3!!

Hi guys, I’m backkkkkkkk

I’ve added the volume 3 page, and managed to get out the prologue this week. I hope to be able to deliver actual content from Chapter 1 by next week!!

I might have returned to Amaburi, but I still have some stuff to settle before I settle down and translate Amaburi at full speed.


Amaburi Volume 2 is COMPLETE!!!!! :D


I’m so excited to tell you guys we’re finally done with Amagi Brilliant Park Volume 2!!! *Party Poppers*

In case you’re lost, the new parts uploaded are Chapter 2 Part 11, followed by Moffle’s, Macaron’s, Tiramie’s, and Isuzu’s Monthly Reports. If you follow the ‘Next Page’ button at the bottom of every page, you should be following the correct reading sequence.

Volume 2 was a blast—a lot of new characters were introduced in preparation for the next few volumes that would focus on a lot more character development.

Also, I’d like to announce that our primary editor, ramenpoodle, will soon be leaving Team Amaburi because he just got promoted to a full-fledged translator for NanoDesu Translations! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the title of his project just yet, but feel free to speculate all you want!!! ramenpoodle will be replaced by our new editor, Loafy. He will be taking over from Volume 3 onwards! Weeeee~


I think…I might actually be able to finish Volume 2 in a week’s time…

Hi guys,

Just submitted part 11’s script over to editor-san. As I flipped through the novel, I realized we’re REALLY close to completion. After this part 11, we’ll just have about 4 mini intermission-ish parts to release.

As such, I’m thinking of just going for an all out sprint to the finish, and aim for Volume 2 completion by the end of the week.


Team Amaburi needs another editor!! + 75% completion milestone

Hi everyone!!

お待たせしました! I’ve just finished uploading the humongous part 9 to the site, so go ahead and check it out!

More importantly, I’d like to announce that Team Amaburi is looking for another editor to help out with Amaburi scripts. Those of you who feel you’re up to the challenge can click HERE to submit an application. We need all the manpower we can get!!


Part 9 postponed

Hi guys,

Apologies for being unable to post the next part today.

For some reason part 9 is considerably longer than an average part (twice as long, in fact), and hence more time is needed for the scripts to be edited and checked.

As such, please note that I will delay the release of part 9 to next week.

Once again, sorry for the delay, and appreciate everyone’s understanding 😀


Volume 1 PDF And Epub Now Available

Its time for an a-Muse-ing treat. (Thats right, the jokes don’t stop) After a long time coming, volume 1 of Amagi Brilliant Park now ready for your viewing. Please enjoy!

vol 1 cover

– DevilHands

Check out these new daily visitor count status bars!

Through the hard work by Aries, one of ND’s graphics artists, we’ve managed to come up with a new set of visitor count status bars!

Remember reading volume 1 and seeing those daily visitor reports? You know, those that went like “Daily visitor count: 1,234 Visitors needed: 56,789 / 10 days remaining.”?

Many of us found that way of representation very dull, and so Team Amaburi has taken the liberty to replace all of those visitor reports with custom graphics! Here is an example:

Daily visitor count: 1,332 Visitors needed: 98,789 / 13 days remaining.

We have replaced every instance of these daily reports, so feel free to check them out! They’re all spread through volume 1, so watch the countdown bubbles decrease as the deadline draws near. XD

Once again, I would like to emphasize that Team Amaburi is always looking for better ways to improve the site, the project and the translation itself. This idea was actually contributed by a reader of Amaburi, and thus feel free to suggest any other opinions and ideas that you think might be cool! We will take every suggestion into consideration~