Possible delays for the next 2-3 weeks

Hi guys,

I believe I owe you guys an explanation for the delayed part releases.

I’d originally intended to release Part 5 last week. However, it turned out to be REALLY big, (more than 2x the avg length of a normal part), and so I had to delay the release.

Also, university applications have started over here, so I got really busy with application administrative matters, scholarship essays, etc.

While doing all of that, I also have to pack my belongings and arrange for an apartment in Tokyo before I arrive there on the 23rd of March.

I hope you can understand that it’s been pretty busy for me over here, and so I’ve been struggling to bring part 5 out to you guys. 😦

I’m still open to all sorts of suggestions though. Do you guys want me to release an unedited version of Part 5? Or are you guys willing to wait? Let me know in the comments please~

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9 thoughts on “Possible delays for the next 2-3 weeks

  1. do not worry, while not you abandon the translation of this novel I wait all the time 🙂 …….aparte que ni empeze a terminar de pasar el vol 3 cap al español :v


  2. Just do things at your own pace ^^
    As long as it’s not abandoned, i’m fine waiting for the edited version no matter how long it takes.


  3. When you say “unedited”, do you mean without proofreading? Because I was formerly a proofreader for FoOlRulez as well as freelancer in several scan groups (Red-Hawk [RIP], SCX, MangaArt…), and I could help with proofreading…


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