Amaburi Halloween Side Story uploaded!!!! :D

Hi guys!!!

Surprise!! I managed to finish the Amaburi Halloween Side Story in time, titled Hello-Halloween! XD


Hello-Halloween! has been placed under the side stories tab at the top bar of the site. Click HERE to be directed to the page!

Kindly note that Hello-Halloween! is a fan fiction written by me, and hence will not follow the normal timeline of the actual story. Feel free to check it out while waiting for more Amaburi parts to be released, and please let me know what you think!! 😀

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking a break for about a week to recover from a wisdom teeth extraction surgery that I had yesterday. Liquid diet for 3 days suckssssssss

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6 thoughts on “Amaburi Halloween Side Story uploaded!!!! :D

  1. Thanks~

    I think you should write a disclaimer on the side stories tab and table of contents though that it’s fan fiction so that people aren’t confused about it. After all, the only way of knowing is reading this post.


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