Amaburi Unrelease Progress

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All translations have been taken down.

Amaburi DMCA’d. Site to be taken down shortly


Hi guys,

Earlier today, Team Amaburi received a DMCA, informing us to remove our translations.

I will begin to take down some parts of Volume 1 within the next hour. The rest of the site will follow shortly.

You guys might have followed the DMCA notices sent to other translation groups several months back. From the looks of it, they do not seem like they were sent in preparation for a license. I personally doubt that we’d see Amagi Brilliant Park novels in bookstores ever, which saddens me.

Anyway, it has been an honor to be given the opportunity to translate the novel for everyone. I hope it has been a great journey for you guys, just like it was for myself.

Here are the illustrations to an Amaburi volume that we will probably never see in English. Notice that in this volume, the fairies in Aquario decided to rename themselves to ‘Elementario’. Would be nice if we could get to that volume to find out why but…oh well.






Possible delays for the next 2-3 weeks

Hi guys,

I believe I owe you guys an explanation for the delayed part releases.

I’d originally intended to release Part 5 last week. However, it turned out to be REALLY big, (more than 2x the avg length of a normal part), and so I had to delay the release.

Also, university applications have started over here, so I got really busy with application administrative matters, scholarship essays, etc.

While doing all of that, I also have to pack my belongings and arrange for an apartment in Tokyo before I arrive there on the 23rd of March.

I hope you can understand that it’s been pretty busy for me over here, and so I’ve been struggling to bring part 5 out to you guys. 😦

I’m still open to all sorts of suggestions though. Do you guys want me to release an unedited version of Part 5? Or are you guys willing to wait? Let me know in the comments please~

Amaburi Volume 3 Chapter 1 is complete!!!

Hi guys,

お待たせしました!!! After about 2 weeks of delays, I’m excited to inform you guys that chapter 1 of volume 3 is finally done!!!

This sums up the bumpy start of Chuujou Shiina’s journey at Amagi Brilliant Park. So does Shiina really end up resigning? Read Chapter 1 to find out!!!

Of course, with every chapter completion, Team Amaburi will be going on hiatus—















Just kidding! We won’t be taking any breaks this time. 😀

Do look forward to Chapter 2, The Magic App!!! (Chapter title may be subject to changes.)

With that, we’ll see you guys next week.


Those who wish to jump straight to the newly released part can click HERE.

Part 10’s release postponed

Hi guys,

I really hate to make such announcements when we’re at the most important part of the chapter, but I regret that I’m going to have to postpone this week’s update. This is because my computer chose to die on me and as such I’ve been spending a lot of time setting a temporary laptop up and running. (I3 processor + 2GB RAM ftw WOOOOOOO)

BUTBUTBUT don’t worry! Team Amaburi is working on getting the next part up ASAP, hopefully next week!!! I will try my best to get the whole of Chapter 1 completed by then! 😀


Various Status Updates

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I made any posts on the Amaburi blog, so here’s the list of updates and announcements I have for everyone!

First up, I’ve completed Part 6 of chapter 1!! I apologize to those who have been eagerly awaiting its completion; we did not expect that part to be so long and thus did not make the necessary preparations for it. At any rate, it’s done now so feel free to take a look—there’re LOTS of song references there, see if you can spot all of them!! 😀

Next, as shown in the progress bar, we’ve almost completed a third of volume 3!! The completion of Part 6 yesterday also marks the 50-PAGE COUNTDOWN TO THE END OF CHAPTER 1!!!! Aren’t you guys excited to find out if Shiina-chan quits her job!? Team Amaburi will be doing its best to bring the chapter to a conclusion ASAP!! Please bear with us!!!!

The next announcement is a little late, so I apologize, BUT THE VOLUME 3 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS ARE UP!!! As an apology for this super-late announcement, I’ll be walking you guys through each illustration, providing some slight teasers to what is happening in those images. START OF MILD SPOILERS


Amaburi Halloween Side Story uploaded!!!! :D

Hi guys!!!

Surprise!! I managed to finish the Amaburi Halloween Side Story in time, titled Hello-Halloween! XD


Hello-Halloween! has been placed under the side stories tab at the top bar of the site. Click HERE to be directed to the page!

Kindly note that Hello-Halloween! is a fan fiction written by me, and hence will not follow the normal timeline of the actual story. Feel free to check it out while waiting for more Amaburi parts to be released, and please let me know what you think!! 😀

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking a break for about a week to recover from a wisdom teeth extraction surgery that I had yesterday. Liquid diet for 3 days suckssssssss

Volume 2 PDF And Epub Now Avaialble

Hey peoples, here’s volume 2. Big thanks to LeinadDan for composing the epub.

Volume 2 cover

– DH

Onward to Volume 3!!

Hi guys, I’m backkkkkkkk

I’ve added the volume 3 page, and managed to get out the prologue this week. I hope to be able to deliver actual content from Chapter 1 by next week!!

I might have returned to Amaburi, but I still have some stuff to settle before I settle down and translate Amaburi at full speed.


Amaburi Volume 2 is COMPLETE!!!!! :D


I’m so excited to tell you guys we’re finally done with Amagi Brilliant Park Volume 2!!! *Party Poppers*

In case you’re lost, the new parts uploaded are Chapter 2 Part 11, followed by Moffle’s, Macaron’s, Tiramie’s, and Isuzu’s Monthly Reports. If you follow the ‘Next Page’ button at the bottom of every page, you should be following the correct reading sequence.

Volume 2 was a blast—a lot of new characters were introduced in preparation for the next few volumes that would focus on a lot more character development.

Also, I’d like to announce that our primary editor, ramenpoodle, will soon be leaving Team Amaburi because he just got promoted to a full-fledged translator for NanoDesu Translations! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the title of his project just yet, but feel free to speculate all you want!!! ramenpoodle will be replaced by our new editor, Loafy. He will be taking over from Volume 3 onwards! Weeeee~


I think…I might actually be able to finish Volume 2 in a week’s time…

Hi guys,

Just submitted part 11’s script over to editor-san. As I flipped through the novel, I realized we’re REALLY close to completion. After this part 11, we’ll just have about 4 mini intermission-ish parts to release.

As such, I’m thinking of just going for an all out sprint to the finish, and aim for Volume 2 completion by the end of the week.